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          The history behind the making of

 KATZ!  Coffee and Used Books

The Frith building, now occupied  by KATZ! Coffee & Used Books and Front Street Spa, was built in the 1930's on land that was originally owned by Holden and Phoebe Judson, 'the mother of Lynden'.  Ed Frith was a tinsmith by trade and later obtained a franchise for International Harvester farm equipment.  This building was the original home of Farmers Equipment Company, still doing business in Lynden today.  In addition to housing Farmers Equipment, it also was home in the past to a drug store, a butcher shop, Frith's tin shop as well as our predecessor, the Lynden Book Shop, Lynden's original Christian bookstore.

Ed Frith eventually retired and it was about this time that Marion Snapper started the Lynden Book Shop.  In 1947, after having it only a year, Snapper sold the business to the John Stap family, who still operates it today under the name of KATZ! Coffee & Used Books.

John Stap and his daughter Adeline operated the business together until 1987 when John Stap remodeled the store and  sold his 1/2 of the business to his grandson and his wife, Ken and Sherri Stap.  Ken and Sherri operated the store in partnership with his Aunt, Adeline, and then five years later, Ken and Sherri purchased Adeline's share of the store, becoming sole owners in 1992.  The Lynden Book Shop continued serving the Lynden community with a full line of Christian books, cards, music and gifts in addition to a full line of office supplies.  In 1997, Ken and Sherri added an espresso bar and seating to compliment the store's offering.  Ken's aunt, Adeline Stap, continued to work for the store up until April of 2011.  Ken and Sherri purchased the building from Adeline in 2004.  They renovated and remodeled the building in 2005 - to it's present condition - bringing back the original wood flooring and tinned ceiling that were part of the original Farmers Equipment showroom.  More tables and seating were added and the store was renamed 'KATZ! Coffee & Used Books'.

It was at this time that the 'Lynden Book Shop' made it's transition from a 'Christian book store' to completely used books and coffee.  It was a transition that continued what John Stap had started back in the '70's of selling used books in a small room in the back of the store.  He had begun this as a service to help out several widows of pastors in the community whose husbands had passed away.  He assisted them in dispersing their husband's  rather large Christian reference personal libraries.  To this day KATZ! still stock a large selection of religious reference material for sale. 

You are still able to enjoy the unique and original sheet metal art ceilings, planked flooring and can even find the builders initials in the cement flooring.  The Stap family has worked hard to keep it unique and historical, helping the customers to feel comfortable and at home.  For those who can still remember 'the good ole days', it's still just like going to 'Stap's Bookstore'.


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