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In Store Roasting!

All of our coffee at KATZ! is roasted right here in the store.  If you have never experienced fresh roasted coffee, we encourage you to stop by and have a pound roasted just for you - or pick one up from the shelf - they're always fresh, never having a shelf life of more than three weeks,  We have blends that  we have created that we know you'll love and varietals from around the world as well.  Here is a sampling of what we offer:

Here is a sampling of our unique blends: Lynden Blend - Katz Blend - Breakfast Blend - Espresso Blend -Dutch Trader - Black Pearl - Blonde Dutchman -  ...... plus varietals (beans from only 1 origin)!

We are happy to special-roast a pound for you - while you wait!  We can roast it to your likeness - a dark roast, medium, light or any roast in between.  The roasting process, which you can watch, takes only about 15-18 minutes to complete.  We always recommend letting freshly roasted coffee beans to rest for a period of 24 hours.  They will release gasses as part of a 'curing' process and highly recommend that you not grind them until after that 24 hours period, till they have 'degassed'.

Online ordering for our coffee is now available and can be found in our 'Square' online store here:


Coffee Drinks and More!                  

Hot and Cold! At KATZ! we have a complete espresso bar and offer a great variety of coffee drinks in addition to all-natural fruit smoothies, Italian sodas, blended coffee drinks, bottled water and soda, teas and more.  Stop in and try one of our many favorite blended drinks like the Mocha Mixo or Java Jumble.


We also offer all of our espresso drinks, both hot and cold, with toddy - a cold brewed coffee (similar to shots of espresso) that brings a faint hint of natural mocha flavor to your palate.  Toddy is low in acid for those who prefer a smoother coffee, a welcome addition for those who find regular coffee or espresso irritating and upsetting to their stomach.  So try a toddy drink today and taste the difference. For those who know that they can appreciate toddy, we now offer the toddy maker/kit for sale along with toddy-maker accessories.


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