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        A little about KATZ!  Coffee and Used Books

Lynden Book Shop began doing business as "KATZ! Coffee & Used Books" back in 2005, when owners Ken & Sherri Stap transitioned the store from offering new Christian books, cards, gifts, music and office supplies to completely used books and coffee.

The espresso/coffee part of the business was added a few years earlier as a natural compliment to the bookstore atmosphere.  We obtain our coffee beans 'green' and roast them to perfection right here in our store.  Try a fresh roasted pound of our specially blended coffees (never more than 3 weeks from time of roasting)  - you'll be a convert! Or order a coffee and leisurely look around the store at our vast book selection or peruse your favorite titles snuggled in by a table or on a chair or couch.

Many ask where we get all the books that we stock.  99.9% of them all walk in the front door of our business - from our great customers.   Folks bring them to us and trade them in for store credit (store credit policy), which in turn increases their purchasing power by 100%.  With the exception of encyclopedias and textbooks, we welcome all  books - newer or older - religious or non-religious - fiction or non-fiction - even Dutch!  We only ask that you bring us books that are in great condition for resale to others.  

A MUST SEE!   ***As a side note, back in 2005, after completing our renovation, two murals were added to our decor.  Two windows in the rear half of the store which were covered over many years ago with cement when the Van's Hardware building was built flush against our west wall.  It left those two window sill and frames  intact, but only cement to look at for a view.  Former employee and student at the time, Carrie Droullard shared her vision, talent and imagination with all of Lynden by creating two masterful pieces of artwork which you really need to stop in and see - they are spectacular!  Thanks, Carrie!


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